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Friday, 24 June 2011

Cupcake Challenge

A few weeks ago on facebook, I spotted that someone had come up with a fundraising idea for my local hospital. Upon reading the poster, I signed up immediately: dubbed a "Cupcake Challenge", it presented me with an opportunity too irresistible to miss. The winner was set to win all the funds raised to donate to a hospital ward or charity of their choice. Purely by accident, the "Cupcake Challenge" was held during Breastfeeding Awareness Week, so it seemed fitting to create cupcakes in the hope of raising some funds for the hospital's breastfeeding peer support programme.

These were my entries...

"yummy mummy milk"

One for my Welsh friends: "llaeth mam" (mummy milk)

"baby's first immunisation"

"every feed counts"
- inspired by the UKAMB's slogan "every drop counts"

"fresh milk daily"
- inspired by dairy tankers.
I've always wanted to borrow this slogan for the benefit of breastfeeding!

"supply on demand"

"meal deal"

"the wonder isn't the bra"
-inspired by Best for Babes in the US

"life-saving equipment"
- also inspired by Best for Babes in the US

"experts in infant nutrition"
- inspired by flicking through a few infant formula websites. I just thought I needed to point out who the real experts are...!