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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Milk to go! Breastfeeding in a sling.

When I got my first sling, I flicked through the instruction booklet and noticed that it mentioned there was a way of breastfeeding your baby in the sling. I remember thinking that breastfeeding in a sling would be a pretty cool trick to master, particularly because my baby always seemed to decide he wanted feeding every time I was standing in the school playground. Very convenient (!).

However, I quickly discovered that even tying my wrap sling was a skill which took several attempts to learn: during my first attempt, I managed to tie my legs together, resulting in an uncoordinated, comical dive across the living room, much to my husband's great amusement...

Once I'd mastered tying my wrap sling, I wore my baby practically everywhere and every day, but it wasn't until I had my 3rd baby that I mastered breastfeeding in my sling.

I have found and compiled some useful video instructions demonstrating how to breastfeed in different types of sling.

How to breastfeed in a stretchy wrap sling:
(Or not... this baby doesn't want to perform... hehe)

How to breastfeed in a non-stretchy / woven wrap sling:

Clear instructions with pictures can be found here

How to breastfeed in a ring sling:

How to breastfeed in a Mei Tai:

How to breastfeed in a structured carrier (like the Ergo):

The ability to breastfeed in a sling is a really useful skill, especially if you have older children to chase after. However, it's not absolutely necessary, so don't worry if you don't get the hang of it!

As one of the wise ladies on my facebook page once said:

"Breastfeeding is a skill. Babywearing is a skill.
Learn the two before combining them"
~Kai Blackley